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Gem Dirt, Mining Kits, & Accessories

Whether you are a seasoned veteran "rockhound" or a beginner we have the quality, quantity, and best pricing on the net! Our standard Rainbow Gem Dirt bag is filled with over a pound of Gemstones and minerals, 24 different Gemstones and/or minerals. The Rainbow Rockhound Gem Dirt bag has at least 3 pounds of Gemstones and minerals with 35 different Gemstones and/or minerals. Our Specialty Rockhound Opal, Emerald, or Corundum (Rubies & Sapphires) Gem Dirt bags are loaded with choice, top quality rough Gemstones!
We also offer Jumbo Rainbow Buckets with 8+ pounds of Gemstones and minerals and our whopper Master Rockhound bucket with 14+ pounds of Gemstones and minerals. Both of these buckets contain 40 different Gemstones and/or minerals.

A cut gemstone will be found in any of the Rainbow Gemstone bags, Rainbow Rockhound bags, and Rainbow Jumbo buckets and Master Rockhound buckets. This cut gemstone will be faceted or a cabochon cut and is ready to set into a ring, pendant or other jewelry. Certain products are excluded from the free cut gemstone. Please review product descriptions to see if a cut gemstone is included.

 UPS is our shipper of choice. Exact shipping costs will be calculated when you process your order.
We have added new Gemstones to our Rainbow bags, Rockhound Rainbow bags, Jumbo buckets, and Master buckets. We now offer "Break your own" Geodes packages.
Our famous Gemstone ID chart has been updated with new Gemstone pictures and is now available in our Gem Dirt category.
Black Light Gem Mining Kits now in stock!!! 
Experience Gem Mining from home or anywhere, indoors or out !
Perfect gifts for holidays or birthdays !
Happy mining !!!
Attention wholesalers: email Matt at for pricing
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